Q: What is the inspiration behind Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry’s collections?

A: Inspired by water, wellness and glamour, Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry embodies luxury and superb craftsmanship with exquisite and sparking detail. Each Collection, including High Pave, High Pure, Rain, Signature, and Unity, reflects the glory of 18k gold, diamonds and precious gemstones evoking different emotional and visual responses while emphasizing sparkle, harmony, and a sense of well-being. More than just jewelry, our Serenity Collection treasures are companions in every chapter of life’s journey, embodying passion, perfection, and an enduring bond.

Q: How does Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry ensure the quality of its pieces?

A: Artisan craftsmanship and uncompromised attention to detail are paramount. World-class master jewelers create each piece individually with unparalleled craftsmanship, using the finest diamonds, gemstones, and ethically sourced 18-karat gold, ensuring each design is a sparkling treasure.

Q: What makes Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry unique in the luxury market?

A: The brand’s dedication to creating water-inspired fine jewelry with water drop icons that receive diamond melee with virtually invisible settings giving the appearance that each diamond is floating in water. Through a variety of different sizes, each design appears encrusted with life and eternal beauty.

Q: How long has Susan Dunn been designing fine jewelry?

A: Susan has a tremendous appreciation of exquisite Fine Jewelry, having designed her first piece in 1986, culminating with this remarkable display of breathtaking treasures.

Q: What types of materials are used in Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry?

A: Individually cast in ethically sourced eighteen karat gold, embellished with miniature waterdrops, encrusted with the finest Fairmined diamonds and gemstones available, and polished to perfection, the quintessentially distinctive collection is a true reflection of Susan’s water-inspired soul.

Q: How does Susan Dunn Fine Jewelry contribute to a luxury lifestyle?

A: By offering exquisite, artisan-made creations that enhance daily life and extraordinary evenings, the brand encourages clients to “bejewel themselves in style,” emphasizing the perfect blend of luxury, wellness, and beauty.

These questions aim to give a more personal glimpse into Susan Dunn’s connection with her work and her aspirations for her brand, enhancing the narrative of dedication, passion, and vision behind Susan Dunn Luxury Collections.

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