Grand Toiletries Case

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His or Hers, our Grand Toiletries Case may certainly be the most essential travel case you will ever discover. With Dual Top zippers, two generous compartments help separate your grooming, hair, make-up, and skin care items. The front exterior zipper area is perfect for quick access items. The front section boasts an interior zip pocket, and the handy back section elastic pocket serves as a useful catch all. A separate vinyl zip case is ideal for your supplements or smaller grooming items. Fashioned from iconic signature monogram canvas material with interior nylon linings sporting our glorious Waterfall design, crystal-clear vinyl linings enhance the compartment bottoms. Five special feet support and raise your vanity case off the counter to insure it remains dry from the elements. A side handle facilitates ease of handling and maneuvering. A special custom-made pillow fits inside the case snugly to keep its form when not in use. The icing is our lovely Waterfall zip cover that preserves and protects in storage and travel. We will exceed your expectations with this marvelously useful and stylish accessory necessity.

  • SD Monogram Coated Cotton Canvas – 10.5″L x 6.5″W x 7.5″H
  • Rainfall designed nylon with clear vinyl linings.
  • Artisan-made with Bronze-Finished Metalwork & Signature Leather Tags.
  • Double Top Zippers.
  • Front Zipper.
  • Front and Back Compartments.
  • Front inside zipper.
  • Back elasticized pocket.
  • Separate clear vinyl zip case – 8”L x 5”W
  • Single side handle with logo grommets.
  • Five bottom feet.
  • Bronze Rainfall nylon zip storage and travel cover.
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