Rancho Santa Fe, CA – Susan Dunn is America’s quintessential luxury lifestyle designer of water and wellness-inspired, artisan-made creations. Susan has a tremendous appreciation of exquisite Fine Jewelry having designed her first piece in 1986 and culminating with this remarkable display of breathtaking treasures. Individually cast in eighteen karat gold, embellished with miniature waterdrops, encrusted with the finest diamonds and gemstones available, and polished to perfection, we encourage you to bejewel yourself in style throughout your days and extraordinary evenings at home and during your travels.

Our Story

Susan has infused her artistic personality in creating luxury water-inspired products for over 35 years and prides herself in being a natural-born entrepreneur and a designer with incredible mindfulness to detail and quality. Years of retail success with her luxury products across multiple lifestyle categories led the way to Susan’s evolution, the creation of her complete water and wellness-inspired lifestyle vision. With this foresight, Susan experienced the fruition of her life’s work, her pièce de résistance, Susan Dunn® Fine Jewelry.

Each artisan-crafted fine jewelry treasure radiates luxury with sparkle, and the individual collection pieces harmonize with one another flawlessly. Without exception, each intrinsic design creates a powerful sense of well-being with the promise of eternal beauty. Five different and distinct collections constitute Susan’s artistic vision, all evoking different emotional and visual responses: High Pave, High Pure, Rain, Signature, and Unity.

Susan’s one-of-a-kind designs are artisan made by worldclass master jewelers with unparalleled craftmanship, detail, and finishing. Created within a greater vision of the entire water experience, these thought-provoking and sparkling treasures adorn fine jewelry enthusiasts across the globe.


Susan C. Dunn

Founder, Designer & Aquaphile


Robert L. Mani



Nick Trepkowski CTO

Nicholas A. Trepkowski

Chief Technology Officer


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