Royal Signature Collector’s Loupe

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Fine Jewelry and Art Connoisseurs behold a remarkable sculptural treasure. Our Royal Signature Collector’s Loupe is a fascinating piece of art with the clear purpose to allow you to be up close and personal with your favorite gemstones. Revel in the mesmerizing facets and stunning sparkle of your exquisite jewels as you relish and savor them utilizing our incredible magnifying creation. Truly a collectible, the Royal Signature Collector’s Loupe is individually cast with handset precious individual and melee diamonds, meticulously hand finished and polished to perfection. For the jewelry aficionado who has everything, treat yourself or surprise a loved one with our genuinely one-of-a-kind loupe sculpture marvel.

Diamonds: 0.2CT
Stone Count: 2
18K Gold: ~17.6g
  • 18K Yellow Ecological Gold with Fairmined Certification
  • Ethically sourced D-F and VVS1 Melee and Single Diamonds
  • Individually Cast, Hand Finished and Polished by Master Jewelers
  • 18mm 10x magnification triplet lens fully corrected for spherical aberration (distortion) and chromatic aberration (color) – Issued by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) – Encased in 18K White Gold for visual clarity
  • Presented in our custom Signature Embossed Wood Case with Signature Waterfall-Patterned Drawstring Cover
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